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I grew up in Whitefish, Montana. I spent my time skiing, playing hockey, sailing and spending most of my summers in Glacier National Park. During high school, I met my first DJ that owned a DJ company. I became close friends with the owner and soon after started going to events and weddings with them and fell in love with DJing, putting on events, and weddings. Music in Montana became a major passion in my life. After going to college at the U of M Missoula I left Missoula, Montana to race sailboats and coach sailing in California and after a few years I came back to Montana to follow my passion of music and becoming a DJ.

I started small with a few festivals and local events. That’s when I met Tyson my close friend, business partner, and Co-Owner of Montana Wedding DJ’s. Our passion for music and Montana pushed us to new levels. I started playing more events and spending more time than ever before working on music and with DJs in our community. I have now spent the better of three years working on my styles and skills as a DJ. I still DJ at local and state-wide events, parties, and festivals but being able to put on a wedding is not only something that I love and enjoy but makes me very happy. To create memories for people that they will never forget is an amazing feeling and something that I never forget. I love Montana and I love filling someone’s life with enjoyment. I get to do that through music on a couples most memorable day of their lives; their wedding day!!! It is by far one of the most fulfilling feelings a DJ like myself could have.


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